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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seventh case of swine flu is confirmed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - A seventh case of swine flu was confirmed in Hong Kong Sunday, involving a 21-year-old female student who flew to the city from New York City.

The student fell ill a day after flying to Hong Kong via Seoul and was Sunday in isolation at the city's Princess Margaret Hospital, a Department of Health spokesman said.

Family members of the student had been tested and her travelling companion had been taken to hospital for tests, the spokesman said. Fellow passengers were being contacted.

The student is the fourth imported case of swine flu to be confirmed in the densely-populated city of 7 million in the past three days.

Two patients were detected as they arrived in Hong Kong on a flight from the United States Friday evening and have been put in isolation in the Princess Margaret Hospital.

A 19-year-old female student who returned to Hong Kong from New York City six days ago, was confirmed as having swine flu on Friday. All cases in Hong Kong so far have been imported.

Hong Kong officials have appealed to students returning to Hong Kong from the US not to travel unless they are healthy and to wear face masks and alert cabin crew if they feel ill while flying.

The first Hong Kong swine flu case was confirmed in a Mexican visitor at the beginning of May, leading to a seven-day quarantine for 300 guests and staff in the hotel where he stayed.

Quarantine measures have since been eased in the city which has had strict anti-virus measures since the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS outbreak that killed 299 and infected 1,799.


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